Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Reigate and Banstead

Ye Olde Six Bells

Church Road, Horley

A splendid old pub, as near to the parish church as it is possible to be, with named after the number of bells in that spire. It is a centuries old pub name. It was a simple inn sign for travellers unable to read. It also lent itself to an attractive inn sign. There was at one time a secret passageway between the church and the pub, which may have been used by smugglers. Over the years, there have been stories of the area immediately in front of the pub being haunted by a tall figure in a black habit. This apparition is reputed to have been a former monk. He has also been observed gliding as a dark shadow through the pub. It is also haunted by a former vicar of Horley, who manifests on regular occasions before the huge inglenook fireplace.