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Keppels Head Hotel

24-26 The Hard, Portsmouth

The hotel may be named after Augustus Viscount Keppel (1725-1786) who commanded the British fleet at Ushant in 1778. Keppel was a forebear of Alice Keppel, mistress of Edward VII, and great-grandmother of Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles. This is one of two hotels claiming they are where Lionel ‘Buster’ Crabb spent his final night in Portsmouth. However, this hotel has the most convincing evidence since he haunts the building! Crabb, frogman and MI5 diver, vanished whilst attempting to spy on a Soviet warship which was docked at Portsmouth in April 1956. There have been reports over the years that he has been both seen and heard in the early hours of the morning. Witnesses describe him as dressed in a heavy sweater and dark trousers with a cigarette in his mouth.