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Trout Inn

Godstow Road, Oxford

The inn name is usually after the freshwater fish, valued for sporting and eating purposes. This Trout Inn has history from the 12th century. However, the present building is part 16th century. It overlooks Godstow Bridge, the Thames Weir and Trout Island. The inn and riverbanks provided inspiration for Lewis Carroll for Alice in Wonderland and the story of three children who live at the bottom of a treacle mine. Godstow was the trysting place of the Fair Rosamund, with Henry 2nd. She is reputed to have died after being obliged to drink from a poisoned chalice given to her by Queen Eleanor. Rosamund haunts the Trout Inn and, when she manifests, is visible from the knees up. Coincidentally, when she emerges, bottles are thrown from tables by an invisible force, with there is a dramatic drop in temperature. Some witnesses say she is accompanied by the odour of heather; Rosamund had been buried with a sprig of heather in one hand. The ghost of a White Lady , witnesses have seen, crossing the river bridge, with described as being very beautiful.