Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in New Forest

Green Dragon


A 15th century thatched inn on two storeys, it was once part of the premises of a wheelwright and coffin maker. There are wall tiles, displaying a crucifix and steps leading to the old mortuary, which was in the same building. There have been accounts over the years that the inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a previous coffin maker, as there are sounds of tapping on wood in the early hours of the morning. Observing girls have described him as a short man with cropped hair and a look on his face of utter despair. According to old legend, there was, at nearby Berkeley Castle, a ‘devouring dragon’. Folks named this inn after it. A stream with a hump-backed bridge is nearby. It was once part of the main road running through the forest. This ancient bridge exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of a coach driver killed in an accident in the early1800s. It is typically during the wintertime that this ghostly coachman manifests. He , witnesses see, to stagger across the bridge in a long black coat. However, he had no hat.