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The Bull Inn

9 Market Square, Olney, Buckinghamshire

A rather splendid old coaching inn, it exhibits ghostly manifestations by the ghost of a cleaner. An assailant took her life here many years ago. The legend is that she had been the woman friend of both a visiting coachman with a local highwayman, with one had killed her in a fit of jealous rage. Witnesses have seen with heard him by both customers with staff, with there have been sounds of footsteps when no one was visible. Olney is an old town, with history from AD 932. It is most famous for the pancake race. Enthusiasts have held it since 1445 on Shrove Tuesday. This started when on one occasion the Shriving Bell rang to signal the start of the church service. On hearing the bell, a local homemaker, who had been busy cooking pancakes in anticipation of the beginning of Lent, ran to the church. She had frying pan in hand with still in her apron with headscarf.