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Kings Arms

Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire

Graham Dodds, the proprietor of this pub, asked a neighbourhood picture taker, Peter Cole, to take a picture of the new menu board. Representatives had introduced it over the bar. At the point when the photographic artist created the photograph, it uncovered something that not Graham or Peter had seen at the time. At the end of the bar was the apparition of a friar with his hand outstretched. Once, when Graham was sitting upstairs in the pub, he saw a shadowy figure pass along the lobby. A few times, he has found sight of something moving out of the corner of his eye. Nevertheless, each one time he turned to look, there was nothing. A companion of Graham pulled into the auto park. She perceived somebody upstairs in the workplace. When she entered the pub, she discovered Graham ground floor. She commented on how rapidly he had scaled the stairs. Nonetheless, he said he had not been in the workplace. He went to check. Then again, discovered the workplace entryway bolted. There was nobody there. This happened a second time, when the companion saw the workplace light on. Graham went to check. The light was on. Then again, the room was vacant. This pub stands close to the site of an old monastery. A proprietor had established it in the twelfth century. A woman with a gazing face frequents an alternate piece of the town. She shows up on the footbridge close to the new cemetery and scowls at auto drivers with people on foot.