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Fox and Hounds

Fox Hill, Haywards Heath, Wivelsfield Green, West Sussex

Once , locals knew, as the Fighting Cock when there was a cockpit nearby. It has history over three centuries. The Fox and Hounds was a noted centre for smuggling gangs and other outlaws. Since the 1940s, there have been accounts of objects being thrown around rooms with tremendous force, with dramatically cold areas in this pub. Curtains have been fiercely wrenched from their rings, to lie on the floor in crumpled heaps. One proprietor awoke when he heard a window screech as it opened during the night. Investigating, he found the window had locks on it. However, was wide open. Trying to close it, he found it had been forced open of its own volition so violently he could not do so. On another occasion, a licensee awakened by a cold feeling. From his bed, he saw the apparition of a woman, dressed in white, cross his room and disappear through a wall. She has also , witnesses saw, in the bar as she walks across and, again, vanishes through a solid wall. Another female ghost , witnesses have seen, wearing an old-fashioned grey dress and a cloche style hat, manifesting in the women’s lavatory. Then there is Fred, a rather battered looking old ghost, witnessed sitting in an armchair in the bar, with occasionally throwing bottles.