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White Hart Hotel

High Street, Lewes

This is a splendid former coaching inn on Lewes High Street. The 19th century façade conceals its history over five centuries. The building is originally from the 16th century and some original panelling and fireplaces remain. In the hallway stands an 18th century Act of Parliament clock. Originally, these clocks were hung in inns and taverns throughout England for coach arrivals and departures. Thomas Paine, a leading protagonist in the cause for independence for the American colonies, spent much time arguing his case here. This debating society locals knew it as the Headstrong Club. It is at the White Hart that the phantoms of several men have , witnesses saw, sitting in a circle. All were wearing very old-fashioned black clothing and hats. They always look up when observed, stare back at the watchers, with then dissolve away. In the mid-1550s, some 17 men and women were burned at the stake at Lewes on the orders of judges, who were trying to impose the authority of the Pope. Before execution, the martyrs were imprisoned in the medieval wine cellars of this inn. Legend has it that it is the ghosts of these victims of religious executions. These ghosts haunt the Tudor Room.