Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Lewes

The White Horse Inn

West Street, Ditchling, Hassocks, West Sussex

A male ghost with a propensity for stroking the heads of women has been in residence here for many years. Historians and mediums believe this is closely associated with an incident in 1806. Mr. Harnett, the then proprietor, awoke when he heard someone breaking in through a window. In the bar, he saw two men. These were Robert Bengal, smuggler and killer and John Tingly, another local criminal. Bengal pulled out his pistol. However, Mr. Harnett grabbed him and held him while Tingly made his escape. In the ensuing struggle, Harnett was shot dead. Following his trial, Robert Bengal , authorities hanged, with a multitude of 3,000 to watch him swing. Reports say that the ghost here is that of Bengal, who was also , locals knew, as a ladies' man, which might explain the women having their heads stroked.