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The Shelleys Hotel

The High Street, Lewes

A Queen’s Counsel staying here many years ago was lifted several inches from his bed during the night. The room had been the scene of a suicide previously, with poltergeists still active. There are reports that one man, who had stayed in room 26 in the 1930s, vacated the room so quickly, he left all his clothes behind. He complained to the staff as he was leaving that he had seen ghosts in his room. Then he went and gassed himself in a nearby house, belonging to a relative, taking his own life. The ghost of a Cavalier from the English Civil War, witnesses have seen, on the staircase in the 16th century part of the hotel. On other occasions, an old woman in a blue and white dress, witnesses have seen, by guests and staff. The Everything Ghost team reported investigating this site and experiencing poltergeist activity and apparitions. Proprietors have reported seeing the ghost of a man in brown, eighteenth-century clothing. Other witnesses have observed a woman in a grey Victorian-style dress. A phantom priest has also been observed in the cellar. The inn people called after the poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley, whose aunt owned it at one time.