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The White Lion

Main Road, Arreton, Newport, Isle Of Wight

At the heart of the village, the White Lion was leased to John Clark in 1744, with thought to have been run as a ‘blind pig’, (unlicensed premises) prior to that. The original building is from the 16th century. The resident ghost, seen dressed as an old farmer with smock and leather gaiters. He is believed to have come from that period. One previous proprietor of the White Hart had been a signalman at St Catherine’s down. This was during the Napoleonic Wars. At that time, there were signals across the island with flagstaff signals for use in fair weather. There have been solid accounts that even now, these beacons appear late at night as ghostly images, seen through a mist or fog. Arreton Manor exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include a 13 years old boy who murdered his father and sister in 1560. The girl, dressed in blue, wanders the area calling for her mother.