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The Wheatsheaf Hotel

16 Saint Thomas Square, Newport

A good solid Victorian style of pub, it is home to quite a bevy of ghosts and poltergeists. The most frequently apparent ghost here is an army officer, who expired in a duel in the early 19th century. Legend has it that this was in the early 1800s when the two officers faced each other at dawn at Carisbrooke Castle. Both fired. However, only one was hit. It was left bleeding from the right shoulder. The surgeon was present and found the bullet had gone through lung and spinal cord. The wounded officer’s body was carried to the Wheatsheaf Hotel, where he died after two days. Aged only 28, he had recently married. Now his ghost haunts the middle floor of the Wheatsheaf, dressed in trousers with a stripe and open necked white shirt. Coincidentally with his appearance, there are shrieking sounds, said to be from the distraught young widow. The pub is further haunted by the ghost of a girl in servant uniform, sitting on a bed on the first floor, with sounds of chains dragging across floors during hours of darkness.