Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Isle of Wight

The Union Inn

Watchouse Lane , Cowes

During the late 1700s, most of the old wooden houses were pulled down. replaced by a superior type of building. However, in Watch Lane, three of the houses survived, with were later the foundation for the Union Inn. At some time in its history, the Union Inn had a sea light on a tower above the pub. This people used to guide the anglers back to shore and safety during rough and inclement weather. The wife of the tower keeper kept this sea light burning when he was off shore. One night she forgot, with her husband and many other anglers drowned. Her guilty ghost haunts the steps to the long gone warning light, with sReporters have heard him climbing them every night. The pub is further haunted by a man with a large bear. However, there is no history behind his ghostly manifestations. The name of this pub is a reference to a political union such as the Act of Union, 1707, which decreed that England and Scotland should be one kingdom with one parliament