Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Isle of Wight

The Hare and Hounds

Downend, Arreton, Newport, Isle of Wight

Almost 300 years ago, Michael Morey, a woodcutter, lived in this village. His grandson inherited an amount of money, with Morey argued with him over this bequest then attacked him with an axe. The youth died from his injuries and, to hide the evidence, Morey set fire to their cottage. Hours later, the body someone found and Morey was arrested, tried and hanged. Subsequently, his body was suspended on a gibbet opposite this pub. The villagers were aggrieved by this rotting corpse, with it was taken down and buried in an unmarked grave nearby. Infrequently, the ghost of Morey appears outside the inn wearing ragged leather leggings, a jerkin and carrying a huge axe. Some years ago, a couple driving from Sandown in rainy weather close to the Hare and Hounds, unexpectedly saw a man in front of their car. The driver braked, with both noticed at that moment that there was simply a skull, rotting clothes and, in his hands, he carried a wooden axe handle. Both screamed out and the apparition disappeared.