Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Isle of Wight

The Blacksmiths Arms

Calbourne Road, Newport, Isle of Wight

In 1730, the Blacksmith’s Arms opened. It soon became notorious as smuggling inn. Prior to that, the building had been a hunting lodge. It then became a blacksmith’s shop. The inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. These include Betty, the daughter of a proprietor who flirted with excise men. This was to keep them busy while her wicked colleagues sorted out the booty in the pub. Then she fell in love with a Revenue man, with told him of the smugglers’ plans. In an ambush, her sweetheart expired. Shortly after that, people found her strangled in what is now Betty Haunt Lane. She still haunts this windy roadway. In the 1960s, an assailant took the life of a former proprietor. This person’s life, with her dog took to howling every night at three am, the time when she had been killed. Since then, several dogs that have been pets at the inn have behaved in a similar manner.