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The Anchor Inn

1-3 High Street, Cowes, Isle Of Wight

Once called the House of the Three Trumpeters, the inn opened its doors in 1704. The Three Trumpeters name originated with the bugle horn connected with the delivery of mail. It was the main coaching inn for Cowes. It changed its name to the Anchor in the early 1820s. The old stables have now been integrated into the pub. It took the title of the Stable Bar. Many years ago, a youth committed suicide, in the stables over a broken love affair. When he does manifest, witnesses describe him as being fair-haired, wearing, a white shirt, and dark trousers. It is an attractive flat fronted building on three storeys with dormer windows, and painted green cream. Inside, there are very low ceilings, upright beams, with several rooms forming an ‘L’ shape around one main serving bar. It is bare-boarded. The furniture includes large wooden tables.