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Castle Inn

91 High Street, Newport, Isle Of Wight

The Castle Inn fit for a king. It was visited by Charles 1st under armed guard. This was during the period when he was held prisoner in Carisbrooke Castle. With history from 1550, it is the oldest pub on the Island, although fire damaged the pub in 1684. It was then that the front wall was rebuilt, using Dutch bricks. At one time, there was a secret passageway between the Castle Inn and the castle grounds. This may have been used by religious dissidents to escape when being pursued during periods of political upheaval. It was also the last pub on the Island licensed for cockfighting. Two centuries ago, a lad someone found hanging from a beam in the old stables. This has led to a most tragic story, since his ghost claims that authorities hanger him by three men and a woman. A psychic medium, who investigated, maintained she made contact and the hanged youth uses the words ‘Jethart justice’. This has been researched. It means a man , authorities hanged, with tried afterwards, i.e., a type of lynch law. The Castle is further haunted by a cavalier from the English Civil War, a female ghost in the kitchen, with a ghost cat.