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Bugle Hotel

The Square, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight

The word bugle is from the Latin buculus, an ancient horn typically made from an elephant’s tusk or a bull’s horn. When blown, it makes the sound of a wild bull. Occasionally, pubs called the ‘Bull’ or ‘Bull’s Head’ will have this buculus on their inn sign. The bugle is one of the supporters on the coat of arms of Beauchamp, Duke of Warwick, who was created King of the Isle of Wight by Henry V1 in 1437. The Bugle Coaching Inn exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an old woman dressed in Victorian servant’s garb, who manifests in the kitchens. Since the 1940s, there have been accounts of an old man with a black dog speedily exiting the Bugle onto the pavement, where both disappear.