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The White Lion Inn

The Street, Thakeham, Pulborough, West Sussex

A haunted pub, once smuggling centre, it opened in 1640 and someone named after the heraldic insignia of Edward 4th. One ghost here , witnesses have seen, wearing an old-fashioned green cloak. However, there is no , locals knew, story behind it. There were several miles of underground tunnels in this area, which were employed to bring in smuggled contraband. The smugglers terrorised the area from Goudhurst, Kent, through to Dorset. The villagers had to pay dues to them; otherwise, they were savagely beaten if they confronted them. The villagers of Goudhurst formed the Band of Militia to protect themselves, with the local inns in Sussex and Kent. During a battle nearby, a number of smugglers expired or injured, with their bodies carried back to the White Lion. Several of those dead smugglers haunt the White Lion as phantoms. There , reporters have heard, loud cries in the night, with foul oaths.