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The Castle Inn Hotel

The Street, Bramber

On a hill above this inn, is the ruined Bramber Castle. A proprietor named this hostelry after it. Over 800 years ago, William De Breose owned the castle. King John questioned his loyalty and wanted his children as hostages. The de Breose wife and children fled to Ireland. However, King John captured them. Taken to Corfe Castle, Dorset, they starved to death. The ghosts of the de Breose children are still about in Bramber and usually around Christmas time outside this inn. Employees have seen them looking up at the castle on the hill above the village, their old home. They are, locals knew, locally as the ‘Bramber Babes’ and are seen and heard begging for food whilst arrayed in ragged clothing. Some stories maintain that when it is particularly cold they appear in the bar of the inn. They always disappear whenever someone speaks to them.