Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Horsham

George and Dragon

Dragons Ln, Shipley, Horsham, West Sussex

Almost everyone's dream of what a country pub should look like, this is small and beamed, with a splendid red tiled roof. At this pub is the gravestone showing where the son of former licensees, Alfred and Charlotte Budd is buried. Poor Walter Budd, born in 1867, an albino and epileptic, took his own life after falsely being accused of stealing and still haunts the George and Dragon. The main bar exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include two old farmers dressed in Victorian style clothing with either gaiters or sackcloth leggings. It is also here where the annual ‘dwile-flonking’ takes place. This is a game for 12 people dressed in old-fashioned rural gear and a beer soaked cloth, ‘a dwile’. The Dwile, at the end of a pole, is then thrown at one of the players when the music stops.