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The Stag

14 All Saints Street, Hastings, East Sussex

There is a fascinating collection of mummified cats at this old smugglers inn. Here, an old sea captain is still in residence, with often seen sitting in the bar. Those who have witnessed him describe him as a short man with a grey beard, with wearing a short black coat. There is still a maze of caves throughout Hastings. These had been used by smugglers. On numerous occasions, an organ , commentators have heard, being played from a nearby church when no one was present. The ghost of Thomas a Becket, the murdered archbishop of Canterbury, , witnesses have seen, in the town. There have also been reports of cries, groans, with the clinking of chains from dungeons built for prisoners of war. On certain bright days, a mirage of Hastings Castle is visible out at sea, as it would have appeared centuries ago.