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Anchor Inn

13 George St, Hastings, East Sussex

One of the oldest pubs in the Hastings Old Town, the Anchor is opposite the beach. It was once a haven for smugglers. There was a maze of tunnels between all the local pubs and the foreshore to bring in contraband goods. It was also for swift escape when the press gang or customs and revenue officers raided. The Anchor is over 400 years old, with has much in the way of contemporaneous features. The town ghost tour starts here with the tale of a man who , authorities hanged, in the back bar, with his ghost , witnesses have seen, on many occasions. The legend is that it is the phantom of an old smuggler and, when he manifests, he is dressed in high sea boots and a dark blue jersey. Locals think he had disagreed with his fellow outlaws and been murdered on the premises.