Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Hart

The Horns

Bowling Alley, Crondall, Farnham, Surrey

It could be from the Horn of Plenty, which was a well-recognised inn sign and name for pubs in the early 1800s, or it could have been named after local deer hunting. A ghostly Cavalier , witnesses have seen, in the main street outside the inn. The Horns exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include an elderly woman who was , locals knew, by locals to pull at peoples’ hair as they sleep in their beds. Another man haunting the premises is Nicholas Love, a Parliamentarian and philanthropist who was a judge at the trial of Charles 1st. He was one who refused to sign the death warrant. Phantom Cromwellian troops have manifested as ghosts near the parish church, while another soldier rides a horse along the road; dismounts and vanishes through the church door. Alma Lane exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the sound of running footsteps, thought to be a military messenger. An assailant took his life by footpads whilst carrying the news of the victory at Waterloo from Portsmouth to Aldershot. Possibly the most curious manifestation of all is the phantom flock of sheep moving past the Horns. Usually there is only the sound of ‘baaa’ to indicate they are there. However, on occasions they have , witnesses saw, with on several occasions parted to allow a motorist through.