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The Percy Arms

75 Dorking Road, Chilworth

The village was once famous for the gunpowder mills nearby. However, there were several explosions, with numerous men expired over the years. In one such explosion in 1901, six local men expired, five of whom were blown to pieces. One, George Smithers, aged 45, was thrown a hundred yards. However, he was not completely damaged. His injured body was carried back to the Percy Arms, where he died shortly afterwards. The remains of the other men were brought back to the pub for an inquest. However, it was not for another fifty years that licensees experienced ghosts and manifestations. Customers and staff witnessed tankards and bar stools levitating. Coincidentally, full glasses of beer flew off the bar counter to smash on the ground. Proprietors have reported being pushed around, or given a hard punch in the back although no one was nearby. There have also been reports of a ghostly cyclist, with a featureless face, seen on the road between the Percy Arms and Rices Corner.