Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Gravesham

Three Cruches

Old Watling St, Strood, Tonbridge

At this six centuries old Second-grade pub with weatherboarding and slate roof, the inn sign shows Cruched Friars, who were distinguished by one cross on their habits ‘Cruches’ is a corruption from the Crossed Friars, who were of the Holy Cross order. They wore a red cross on their habit and carried a silver cross before them as they travelled. At least two ghosts haunt this pub. The proprietor mentioned that she, with a number of employees and regulars, has seen a well-dressed ghostly man. He walks through the public bar and into the dining room where he disappears. “But he seems quite a harmless old ghost’’ she said. Another ghostly figure , witnesses have seen, leaning through a window of a locked and empty room on the top floor waving, with laughing at people passing by.