Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Elmbridge

The Grotto Inn

Monument Hill, Weybridge, Surrey

One of the most seasoned inns at Weybridge, the Grotto was at one time the clothing building to Henry this castle at Oatlands. It shows spooky signs. These incorporate no less than three human ghosts and two creatures. They are a little young girl in a ribbon-trimmed hood, a cowhide-aproned smithy with two puppies and a past normal client from the 1960s called Sid Morris or Morrison. One proprietor, Colin Daniels, assumed control over the pub and when his regulars first let him know about phantoms of a young person and young girl by the stack, he was doubtful. This questioning proprietor brought in a psychic medium. This medium said, "I am getting a young lady with ribbon around her head like a hat," before saying, he sensed a man and a cook's garment, which made horseshoes and had two canines. He went on "He is a solid character, very much a forceful man."