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Marquis of Granby

Portsmouth Rd, Esher, Surrey

Following the Battle of Warburg in the Seven Years War, John Manners, Marquis of Granby, ordered 300,000 pints of porter for the country to drink in honour of that occasion. He also gave pensions to his troops and many opened pubs with this money, and, of course, called them the Marquis of Granby. This four centuries old pub is mentioned in Dickens’s Pickwick Papers when Sam Weller visited his mother who worked there as a cook. At the top of the house is a cupboard that no one has dared to open in many a long year. Dogs, cats, children and other sensitive souls keep well away from it. For some years, a bible was left propped against the door to hold it closed and thwart some evil thing. Even so, there have been regular reports of a sombrely clad woman appearing from that cupboard. Typically, this is during the night and her dress swishes as she passes through. As soon as she is observed, she disappears into the nearest wall. One story is that this is the ghost of a young woman locked in that cupboard and left to die.