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The Beachy Head

Beachy Head Rd, Beachy Head, Eastbourne, East Sussex

So many suicides have taken place over centuries here and the first recorded version by St Wilfrid. Authorities had ordered Wilfrid to Sussex in the seventh century to convert the pagan inhabitants. Because of starvation at the time, numerous Saxons leapt from the cliffs to their deaths. Legend has it that many of the black shapes that haunt the area are from those mass suicides. At the Beachy Head Inn, the authorities told employees to be vigilant for single customers observed weeping, drinking heavily and contact the police. They have learned over the years that this is the type of behaviour of potential suicides. A woman, manifesting in a grey dress and close fitting hat, is one of the more frequent to appear at the pub. Observers saw her crying in a corner and then run the several hundred yards to the cliff top and leap over. At least three phantoms people haunt the point from where people jump. One is that of a female figure in 1920s style dress of slacks and a white blouse. Observers see her to walk to the cliff edge and jump. Another woman, wearing a frock and hat, calmly walks along the cliff top before leaping to her death. The third, the most frequently seen phantom, is that of a monk in a black habit, urging people to leap.