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Red Lion

Chalton, Horndean, Hampshire

Originally, the Red Lion was a hostel for builders and artisans employed in building the parish church in 2nd47. It claims to be one of the oldest pubs in Hampshire, with has had a licence since 1503. The Red Lion is a finely thatched building with timber framing and opposite the village green. On a landing is a coffin shelf, which is a rare find in pubs nowadays. This people used to lay up dead villagers awaiting burial at the parish church. Brasses, old witches’ kettles and other cooking instruments prevail throughout. There is an assortment of phantoms at the Red Lion. These have been reported over many years. One that causes the most consternation to staff is the female apparition behind the bar. She takes an order from customers and then walks away. A small child plays a ghostly game of hide-and-seek. It appears on the stairs and manifests chuckling in the bar. At closing time, a mysterious and un, locals knew, face appears at a top window. Frequently, there is the odour of a particular brand of tobacco from the inglenook fireplace. This variety had been smoked by a man from the village who had died many years previously. On a steep incline, adjacent to the pub, , witnesses have seen, a spectral horse and cart with no driver.