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Crown Hotel

1 High Street, Alton, Hampshire, Medstead

The fireplace at this inn is a source of great terror to dogs and, when taken near to it, have jumped, barked and fled the room. Every now and again, , one may hear, scratching and the whimpers of a dog from the chimneybreast when no such animal is present in the pub. There is an account that a drunken farmhand flew into a rage with his dog and beat it to death against the chimney. Then, some years ago, workers knocking down walls for alterations, removed a false wall near the chimney, with found the skeleton of a dog. Some say that a white (or grey) woman also glides around inside the building. Locals think she to have been a kitchen maid who , an assailant took this person’s life, in the hotel. Finally, the ghost of an old man haunts room number three. The expression “Sweet Fanny Adams” originated in Alton with the murder of a young girl in 1867. Her dismembered body someone found and a local solicitor’s clerk , authorities hanged, for the grisly crime. Then sailors in the Royal Navy referred to their horrible tinned meat of the time as ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’.