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Brewery Shades

85 High St, Crawley, West Sussex

Once called simply ‘Shades’ the building has history from the 14th century, with once contained holding cells for prisoners. At its centre, it is a timber framed open hall house of a type common in Crawley in the medieval period. It is now a Second-grade listed building, as few of this type remain. There was an underground tunnel to the George Hotel, with condemned men were led through to the scaffold to be hanged. ‘Shades’ is an old fashioned word for ghosts and this pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include a pipe smoking man who appears in the ladies’ lavatory, with a woman in grey with a small child. One man went into his room to find the bed on fire that could not be explained. It was the same room where the woman and child appear. Licensees have experienced the front door bell ringing at six am to find no one there, with the bell jammed.