Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Chiltern

The Crown

Witheridge Lane, Penn, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Next to the Crown Inn is the graveyard of Holy Trinity Church. In there is buried the body of murder victim, David Blakely. His lover shot him dead. Ruth Ellis, at Hampstead, London, with now she haunts that graveyard with the pub. She was the last woman that the authorities hanged in the UK in 1955. Following execution, a gravedigger buried her body in a prison grave. However, later authorities reinterred at Amersham, five miles away. David Blakely had lived at Penn. both were regular customers at the Crown in the early 1950s. The ghost of Ruth Ellis has frequently, witnesses saw, to leave the graveyard with walk down the hill at the side of the church. Witnesses have also seen her in a white dress. She wears a gaily-coloured cravat style scarf at the pub on many occasions. In the past, paranormal investigation teams have visited this pub. Witnesses have reported that this is the ghost of Ruth Ellis.