Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Chiltern

The Chequers

51 London Road West, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

A hooded figure, witnesses report, in an upstairs bedroom, held in the shadow of one of the seven detainees here before authorities executed them for their religious beliefs. The ghost of a young chimney sweep also haunts him. Someone strangled him to death at work in the mid-1800s. An inn in the 15th century, there are documented another hooded figure in a long white dress or a dress in a room details. Reports claim it to be the ghost of a woman. Authorities commissioned her to light the fire that burned his father to death. Loud lamentations with tears accompanied this event. The ghost is that of a cap Osman. He was director seven martyrs burned at the stake. It is always with us in spirit as a punishment. A large monument to the martyrs stands on a hill a few hundred meters from the hostel. One martyr was placed in a barrel filled with metal stakes. They hammered into sticks outside, with sharp nails, and then rolled it down the hill. Reports claim that the road to the trail is barren now.