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The Royal Oak

Hooksway, Chichester, West Sussex

The Royal Oak is a pub local to me [Chris: twiiter @cider_guy] and hosts a haunting of which I am familiar. The spirit keeping his clutches on this tavern is an interesting specimen because he is quite a difficult man to obtain information about. William "Shagger" Shepherd wasn't a high profile man. I believe the only way to find definitive information about him and his life would be to trace his family tree. This is something I haven't done as it would take a lot of in depth research to uncover his truth. All I know about him is what you know already, he was chased into the pub and shot. Apparently his spirit still lurks. A key question to this investigation would be is the haunting caused by residual energy or an intelligent spirit? This is something that must be answered. Due to the circumstances of William's death, and also because of the lack of intelligent spirit communication at the premises, at first I am led to believe that the haunting is residual, and the spirit of William isn't actually there. However for me to provide a definite verdict, I would have to carry out an investigation on the property with equipment to try and communicate with William. If communication is made, then that's a sure sign that there is an intelligent spirit haunting the property. Then all that's left is determining who that spirit is. I am confident that if there is an intelligent spirit at The Royal Oak, that it is by no means demonic or malicious. I have been presented with no signs to think otherwise. Also, if it is the spirit of William Shepherd at the property, it asks the question, why is he still there? The pub wasn't his, and as far as I know from the information I have obtained, he had no connection with the pub...apart from it's the place where he died. As far as I know he would have no reason to want to protect the pub or the people inside it. Therefore if William is actually there, I believe it's for one of two reasons. He's either waiting until someone finds the truth and declares the name of the person that murdered him, or he's waiting...for revenge. If the soul of William Shepherd still resides within the walls of The Royal Oak, then he is not at peace. He is tormented and we must pray that he gets his closure and can pass through and finally rest in peace.