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The Angel Inn, Petworth

Angel Street, Petworth

It is a five centuries year old inn; the Angel is at one of the county's most attractive towns. At one time, there was simply a hole in the ceiling to allow smoke to rise from the inglenook fire, which is still in place. An elderly woman, who was waiting for a friend, saw her fall down the stairs to her death. She was so shaken by this; she died herself within two days. Every now and again, her ghost has been observed sitting near the inglenook, wearing old-fashioned dress. Petworth was victim to bombing in the Second First World Warn September 1942. A German Heinkel 3rd, approaching from the south over Hoes Farm, aimed three bombs at Petworth House. These missed the house. However, one bounced off a tree, with landed on the Petworth Boys School in North Street. Altogether, 28 boys lost their lives in the explosion, along with the headmaster, Charles Stevenson, with assistant teacher, Charlotte Marshall. There are accounts that several of these wartime victims have , witnesses saw, in that area as grey wraiths, with silently weeping.