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Weston Manor Hotel

Northampton Rd, Weston-on-the-Green, Bicester, Oxfordshire

In the Medieval period, they took a jaundiced view of monks and nuns having sexual relationships. This was because of the church law on celibacy. A monk and a nun were exposed by the church authorities to be fornicating, with appeared before an ecclesiastical court. On the orders of that court, she was burned at the stake near this inn, whilst he was ex-communicated. One room at this pub exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include the ghost of the executed nun, , locals knew, as ‘Mad Maude’. There have been reports of haunting in the Oak Room over the years, with a reporter from the British Tourist Board spent a night in that room. He slept appallingly, because of the most unusual heat in ‘Maude’s Room’. It is a 14th century building, with there are reports of ghostly coaches and horses arriving in the middle of the night, with the sound of hooves over cobblestones.