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The Nut Tree Inn

Murcott, Kidlington, Oxfordshire

At one time, a prolific hazelnut tree grew in front of this pub, with that was how the Nut Tree got its name. It is a lovely name for a pub. However, it exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include some sad little indwell. A girl, of about eleven years of age, wearing a smocked dress and flowered bonnet , witnesses have seen, wandering through with an unhappy expression. Legend has it that she was the daughter, or granddaughter, of the licensee and she had died in a fire at the Nut Tree. The pub was also the meeting place for the Otmoor Rioters, who led gangs of men against the Enclosures Act of 1845. Frequently, there have been sounds of disembodied voices in raised tones, reputed to be arguments by these angry men.