Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Canterbury

The Divers Arms

66 Central Parade, Herne Bay, Kent

The Ghost Search team established four ghosts haunting the Diver’s Arms. A Mr Alfred Potter, a short woman dressed in a long black Victorian style dress and bonnet and two children. Mr Potter is a fat man wearing a black suit, who had been a former bank manager in Herne Bay. The two children seen running around inside the Divers’ Arms , people say, to have died in an accident, either at the pub or in a house nearby. The two, a boy and a girl scamper around. However, when anyone makes a comment, they stare at them and disappear. The woman in Victorian dress is believed to have been the mother or grandmother of the two children. Legend has it that a shuffling figure is frequently seen on part of the nearby pier, which has been cut off since the storm of 1979. He has been recognised as a former customer at this pub. The Diver’s Arms people called after William Hooper Wood. He was a smuggler in the 1830s, which went to prison and a diving company later employed him. He opened this pub on his earnings.