Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Canterbury

The Cherry Tree

White Horse Lane, Canterbury, Kent

A large medieval street corner inn that , is possibly, to be the oldest in Canterbury, the original building has history from 1372. It exhibits ghostly manifestations. these include Gilbert, a traveller, who was beaten to death at the inn and five men were later hanged for his murder. His ghost is accompanied by a phantom cat that rubs itself against customers’ legs with faint mewling sounds. The ghost of a previous archbishop, Simon Sudbury, roams Canterbury Cathedral. In January 1380, Sudbury became Lord Chancellor of England. For his part in the Peasants’ Revolt against the poll tax, he was taken to Tower Hill and, on June 14 1381, beheaded. His body was subsequently buried in Canterbury Cathedral. Authorities removed His head from a wooden post at London Bridge and carried with reverence to St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury, in Suffolk. However, when Archbishop Sudbury manifests at the cathedral, his ghost has head and body attached.