Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Canterbury

The Bishops Finger

13 St. Dunstans St, Canterbury, Kent

In the 19th century, many wooden country signposts were carved with a pointed finger of direction. This became derisory vernacular for bishops who can point heavenwards. However, they do not follow their own advice. It subsequently became used as a pub name, especially in cathedral cities. One woman, Ellen Blean, housekeeper to one canon at Canterbury, discovered he was having an affair with a younger woman. She poisoned them both with a meat pie and then disappeared. Her body was shortly afterwards discovered, walled up at a house near this pub called Dark Entry, where she had been buried alive. Every Friday night her ghost wanders this street and then manifests in one of the front bars of this inn. She has been portrayed as a plain faced, fat woman in a long, wide skirt and a mobcap.