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The Pump House

46 Market St, Brighton, East Sussex

The Pump House is one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Brighton. A stone fireplace in one bar bears the initials of Miss Elliot, who bought the building in 1766, with the cellars date from medieval times. At one time, when the beach was much closer, a timber built pump house people used to bring seawater to this and other local pubs. This gave rise to the pub’s name. Customers bathed in this water, as it was thought to have health giving properties. When the beach was further inland, a hand-operated pump people used to bring seawater to this and to other nearby hostelries. One night, at 2nd-45, when a licensee was clearing up, she saw a woman in a white dress. At first, she assumed it was her mother, for she was of a similar build. As she spoke to her, the host woman faded away into a mist. At the time, her mother was upstairs. Several of the bar staff over the years have reported a middle-aged woman in a black dress standing in the bar, who disappears the moment they address her. One assistant manageress heard voices in a bar after closing time. Terrified, she armed herself with a mallet. However, as she opened the door all sounds ceased, with no one was there.