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The Prince Albert

48 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, East Sussex

Named after the spouse and partner of Queen Victoria, this was initially a private inn. The proprietor welcomed an investigative medium to investigate paranormal occurrences. In the first case, numerous individuals considered the Prince Albert housed various ghosts. Over a protracted period, there had been the steady and repeating reports of qualities of glass being deliberately broken. Circumstantially, there was a sound of kids circling and chuckling. This medium said that there were phantoms of two trapped youngsters, behind the thick glass windows on an arriving. The Prince Albert once had a well, which individuals utilized for local and beer making purposes. Witnesses report a man, portrayed as either a dealer or a cellarman, as having fallen into the well and suffocated. Regardless he frequents the basement zone of the pub. A man working overnight on redesign saw a human formed figure climbing the stairs towards him at a lively pace. It then turned into a shining white fog and streamed straight through his body.