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The Marlborough Hotel

4 Princes St, Brighton, East Sussex

Now a famous gay pub and theatre, the Marlborough dates from 1787. An unhappy drama took place at this pub at the turn of the 19th century when a proprietor killed his wife during a domestic argument. He struck her on the head with a bottle, with subsequently she died from her injuries. He was charged with murder. However, when it came to his trial, this had been reduced to manslaughter. Since 1900, there have been uncanny incidents associated with the unfortunate woman, Mrs. Packham, still in residence as a ghost. Gas cylinders have turned themselves off and bottles have leapt from shelves. Keys used to operate the cash tills refuse to operate. However, they are acceptable minutes later. Numerous times, the misty profile of a woman has been observed in the main bar. Assistant managers have reported hearing the rattle of chains on many occasions from the beer cellar. There had been a chain and tackle used for hoisting beer barrels, which would have explained the sound. However, that had been taken out many years ago.