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The Horse and Groom

129 Islingword Road, Brighton, East Sussex

A rather happy customer of this pub, many years ago, had a favourite seat against a bar window. Following his death, he has reappeared, with , witnesses saw, sitting at a table, behind a pint of beer. He locals knew it to all and sundry as ‘Fred'. A former cleaner at the pub saw him sitting there one day, with shouted at him, "Be on your way Fred. There is no place for you here'' and he disappeared. On one occasion, three men were sitting at the table when a pint glass on the window shelf behind Fred's favourite seat started moving. It slowly shifted along about three feet, with then leapt from the shelf to the floor, where it smashed. The proprietor of the time was intrigued by this. He even tested the shelf with a spirit level, with found it to be on a proper plane. Fred has been up to his larks in the cellar when gas cylinders mysteriously turn off, with he has fun with the glass washing machine. Several times this has been switched off by an employee, with then mysteriously restarted. It then continues to rattle noisily for three minutes.