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The Druids Head

9 Brighton Place, Brighton, East Sussex

Over 500 years old, the building was a private house before it became pub in 1830. Its name was the Druid’s Head for a ring of stones, assumed associated with the druids, someone found nearby. There are reputed to be four ghosts here. One is a man who died in one of the nearby tunnels. The others are two children and a woman. There has been poltergeist activity with bottles and glasses flying around, with mirrors suddenly misting over. Lights turn on and off, and, when checked, the switches are found to be in good order. Apart from the middle-aged man in worker’s clothing seen from time to time, with two children dressed in Victorian style clothing, a ghostly woman , witnesses have seen, wearing a red dress in the bar. Numerous times, particularly on Sundays, bar employees have seen a woman in red waiting to be served. They have spoken to her. However, the woman merely gives a quick glance, with disappears.