Book Haunted Inns and Hotels in Brighton and Hove

The Brunswick

3 Holland Rd, Hove, East Sussex

A couple moved in as managers of this near seaside pub and discovered a large quantity of bric-a-brac in the cellars. The woman found a framed picture, with when she cleaned the glass, found it was not a painting. However, a framed certificate for a poetry competition with the name, George Bennett. At this point, the temperature dropped several degrees, with she saw a male ghost shift across the floor before he disappeared. An elderly male customer told her that the pub was haunted by an old poet. The legend was that if anyone moved the certificate, it disturbed the soul of the dead versifier. Other managers have reported lights going on and off with poundings and knocking sounds. Late one night, a barman looked up, with saw a man with grey hair, wearing blue trousers and a grey pullover, which walked into a wall and disappeared. Hangleton Manor There have long been accounts of the tramping of boots in the Long Gallery, with the sounds of heavy balls being rolled in what was an Elizabethan skittle alley. One licensee saw a man dressed in white enter a room with the sound of spurs from his boots as he crossed the room only to vanish. There are reported to be two women ghosts here, one of whom pushes at customers and staff. SReports claim that to have been a servant girl who expired, when she had been pushed down a staircase. Another is also a servant girl. She was seduced by her employer. Afterward, she became pregnant. When the baby was born, she threw the child out of the attic window, with commenced screaming. Her agonised cries are still to be heard. Sporadically, a pair of small white hands suddenly appears in a corridor. These hands have also , witnesses saw, resting on a bedroom door handle by several members of the staff. Coincidentally, there , witnesses have seen, the lower half of a body in a brown, silk skirt running, through the premises with a strange rustling sound.