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The Bath Arms

4-5 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, East Sussex

Originally, people called this town centre pub the True Briton. The building dates from 1863. Three years later, the proprietor changed it to the Bath Arms. This was to reflect the fashionable baths in the town at the time. An early proprietor committed suicide by walking into the waves at Brighton front and swimming out to sea. Reports claim that over the years as appearing back at the Bath Arms in wet clothing. There have been sightings in the pub of a man wearing a tricorne hat and old-fashioned attire walking through the bar, ignoring all the customers. A barmaid, cleaning up after midnight, saw a middle-aged man leaning against a pillar dressed in a black Victorian style coat and a black hat. He dissolved away as she watched him. Staff and customers have observed glasses abruptly flying off the shelf to smash on the floor. Coincidentally, bottles have moved along shelves when no one has been near to them.