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The Bat and Ball

51 Ditchling Rd, Brighton, East Sussex

Although the pub trades as the Bat and Ball, its name was after the game of Ball and Trap, a popular game for centuries and last played on The Level opposite, in the late 1930s. The resident ghost here is that of a former proprietor. A recent proprietor was in the bar one night cashing up and saw a barefooted woman wearing a white night-dress that came to just below the knee. This woman started to dance around the bar and when she came to the corner of the bar, disappeared out into the street. An elderly customer told her that there had been a most extrovert proprietor, who used to dance through the bar. One barman, after closing time, saw a middle-aged woman with grey hair, grey blouse, black skirt, and leather belt, walking through. He thought someone had locked her in the toilets at closing time and called out to her. She ignored him and three steps later, she disappeared.