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Old Ship Hotel

31-38 Kings Road, Brighton

A most impressive hotel, it was once owned by Nicholas Tettersell who, as a ship's captain, assisted Charles 2nd to escape to France in 1651. Tettersell owned a coal brig called the Surprise, with concealed the king in the hold. When the king was re-instated in 1660, Tettersell was appointed captain in the Royal Navy on full pay and pension. With this income, he bought the Olde Shippe in 1671. It has had a reputation for being haunted for many years. On one occasion, a cleaner went into a room in the oldest part, with saw a man and woman sitting on the bed. As she was explaining why she was there, the ghostly couple looked up, smiled, with vanished. Night porters have observed grey shapes appear and disappear in the ballroom. On one occasion, two porters witnessed a shape at the bottom of the stairs that turned into a small child, crying and wearing old- fashioned clothing. Again, this disappeared as they watched. A ghost sailing ship is frequently seen out at sea from the windows of the Old Ship. Returning from Constantinople in the 2nd00's, the Nicholas sank with all hands on board while making for Brighton.